The Virtual Assistant's Welcome Pack: Why it's important and what to include


You’ve identified your perfect client, pitched your services and just found out that they would love to work with you.

What now?

Well, the next step to take is to send them a Welcome Pack! Now, before you starting thinking about what to include in your pack, we first need to go through why you should do this.


Why send a Welcome Pack?

All in the one place

Some of the information you will include may already be on your website. But with the Welcome Pack you’re putting all the important details together in one handy document that your client can refer to when needs be.

It will help clarify what you and your business is all about

The Welcome Pack is perfect for showcasing what it is that you do, how you do it and all the terms and policies you abide by.

It shows professionalism and that you value your clients.

Having a clean, easy to follow and informative pack is a great way of demonstrating your professionalism and it also shows that you’ve taken the time to ensure that your clients are well informed.

It’s a nice way to welcome them to your business.

And isn’t it nice to be nice?

When you sit down to create all the individual components of your Welcome Pack, keep these whys in mind.


What you should include

A personalised welcome letter

Take the time to properly welcome them as a client. A short and sweet personalised letter will show them you care.

A quick overview of what is included in the Welcome Pack

After your letter, include a number of bullet points that outline what the rest of your pack includes.

An introduction to your business

Here you can tell them all about…

  • Your background
  • What you do
  • Who you work with
  • Your vision and mission as a virtual assistant
  • Your strengths

How you work

This section contains important information about how things are done and when they are done. Here you should include…

  • Your working hours
  • Methods and times of communication
  • Availability and holidays
  • Your working processes


Give them overview of the tasks or projects you will be involved in. Include a breakdown of each task, the desired outcomes and the timeframe.

It can be as simple as using bullet points, but the important thing to remember is to be clear.


State your rates, whether you work on an hourly, per-project or package basis.

Also include…

  • Your payment and invoice terms
  • How you are to be paid
  • And policies for late payment


While this may include some of the details you’ve already included in the pack, the Contract itself provides even more detail.

Here’s an idea of the sections you should include in your contract:

  • An agreement between both parties
  • Office hours and holidays
  • Payment and invoice policies
  • Availability for work hours
  • Terminating a contract
  • Confidentiality
  • Liability
  • Ownership of work
  • Code of ethics

Contact information

Give them a quick overview of your contact methods and preferences.

  • Email
  • Phone (if using)


Optional Extras

Finally, here are some things you may also like to include in your Welcome Pack


Have previous or current clients given you raving reviews? Add them to your pack and show your new client the kind of results they could have!

A list of the various software you are proficient in

Show them what you are skilled in. You never know, they might have a few more things they need help with.


What are the most common questions you are asked as a virtual assistant? Could the answers be useful to your new client?

Is there anything else you’ve included in your pack?