As an online business owner and consultant I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the company of business awesomeness. I always soak up every nugget shared by these business owners as they walk the talk.

Rather than sharing my lessons from 2016, and boy there were a lot! I thought it would make more sense to share the ultimate business lesson from these online influencers.

I just asked these awesome business superstars one quick question What is your one big lesson from 2016?’

Here are the amazing replies I recieved!

Luke Johnson – CEO & Founder at Shredded By Science

Luke johnson

For people to stop learning for the sake of it and start taking action

Karen Nadkarni Ruffle – MD/Founder at Fit Pro Client Recipes

Karen Ruffle

1. Daily videos do generate more enquiries whatever the product & are more powerful than daily posts. Just trying to work out how to make them relevant to FPCR.

2. For B2B influencers is the strategy. Need to make more friends & work out how I can help them so it’s not all take (cos that feels awkward)

3. Not to get side-tracked just because I know a lot about something & can help people…but to focus on core business.

(Yes I realise there are 3 lessons here, but Karen always follows her own rules lol!)

Jos Aguiar – Marketing Consultant for Foward Thinking Leaders

Jos Aguir

Biggest lesson of 2016 has been to take the foot of the brakes. Most people already have access to the knowledge to at least get a solid start in their businesses but very few back themselves. It’s 90% a mental game. Spend the time to develop yourself and have a clear idea of where you want to go.

Liam Thompson – Head of Digital Marketing and Business Strategy

Liam Thompson

Your success is based on your actions and not neccessarily your knowledge. Having a clear set of goals and breaking those goals down to actionable steps and then taking action is the key to business growth. That and taking the time out to look after your own health and well being 1st to enable you to consistently take action.

Carly Jennings – Author of Memoir Of A Wiggly Girl & female fat loss specialist for HLHL

Carly Jennings

Be yourself

Don’t conform to what you perceive people to want.
Be inexcusably and utterly you.
People will buy you ☺️

Andrew Crawford – Business Development Manager

Andrew Crawford

However bad you think your position is, there’s always someone in a worse position than you. So deal with the hand you are dealt with..!!!

Hollie Ellis – Freelance Graphic Designer at Hollie Ellis Design

Hollie Ellis

Work hard, put the effort in and you’ll reap the benefits. You will have to sacrifice some things in order to get to where you want to be, but the end results will be worth it!

Carl Norman – Passionate about Personal Growth and Development

Carl Norman

I don’t really think I could define one thing that taught me one particular thing in 2016 but I suppose slowing down a little to focus what’s important to me has been a really big eye opener.

Darren Casey – The Most Expensive Online Coach On Earth

Darren Casey

Stop. Create space to SEE what’s going to generate the highest impact. 2 hrs of focus on the most impactful task, aligned with your big picture… trumps being busy 6,8,10+ Hrs.

Aimee Holland – Digital Marketing Strategist

Aimee Holland

One big lesson is that dropping things that don’t serve you makes way for things that do.

Sophie Jewry – Queen of Brand and Princess of Planning

Sophie Jewry

Look for the positive. There will be times when everything feels like it’s going wrong, equally there will be times when it feels like you’re flying and everything is perfect.

There will always be opportunities to focus on the negative or the positive.

Acknowledge the negative and learn what you can from it but focus on the positive – that is the path to happiness and is the fuel for your grit and determination which leads to success.


Dan Salcumbe – Fitness Marketing & Website Design

Dan Salcumbe

Spend less time planning and more time doing.

Claire Hunter – Facebook Ads Specialist

Claire Hunter

That I should have written my course sooner!

Rachael Watson – Nutrition for Health Specialist

Rachael Watson

Ask for help when you need it

Kelly-Marie West – Productivity & Systems Specialist

There comes a point where you have to stop learning and planning and just do it! No one is going to do it for you.

You either have to invest a shed load of time or a shed load of money.

Without one of these your business will not succeed.

Invest both and you’re laughing!

In Closing

I am absolutely thrilled with the replies I received. Short and sweet, to the point and very useful.

What is your key takeaway from 2016?

Did you find any of these replies resonated with you?