Why Facebook is Drug that Gets You Hooked Like Crack

Why Facebook is Drug that Gets You Hooked Like Crack


It starts with one little hit.

Then you go back for a little more.

And before you know it YOU’RE HOOKED!

As a Online Business Manager it is my job to know what everyone is doing with their time and how to improve the efficiency of not only my business but the ones I serve.

For years I have managed my productivity and I have put systems in place to reduce distractions.

I don’t allow any notifications except text messages to come through to my phone. There are literally only a handful of people that have my number. If they text, I pretty much want to reply back!

I go on Facebook on my phone when it suits me.

I reply to Instagram comments when it suits me.

I check my emails when it suits me.

You are seeing a pattern right?


So how did I get hooked on Facebook?

I use a Mac and a Laptop for most of my work. I have an iPad which I only use at indoor soft plays.

I actually have to use Facebook for business. This could be checking in on a Facebook group, adding people to a group, replying to business messages.

However, I was always so good and going in and getting done what I needed to and then moving on.

Over the last few weeks I had noticed that my time on Facebook had increased considerably. However my billable hours didn’t reflect that.

You see I use Toggl to track my work. I only put the timer on when I am doing client work. When I am done I turn it off.

So I was getting done what I needed to and I would get this itch to carry on looking on Facebook.

I hadn’t seen what had changed.

I literally couldn’t help myself, a few wasted seconds turned to wasted minutes and then minute turned to wasted hours.

I was literally distraught.

What has happened to me?

I am like a drug addict.

I can’t get enough.

I want more even though I KNOW it isn’t good for me.

Just this list time…

5 more minutes won’t hurt…

All the excuses you can think of I used to justify my wasted time.

Not to mention the unearned £££s that I had thrown away.


Why and How? 

My Kill News Feed browser was not working.

You see if I remove it on my Mac it does it to my Laptop too.

I am not sure how it happened but I know it had a massive impact.

I have reinstalled it now and I feel better already.

Without the temptation of the news feed I don’t feel I need to keep scrolling and scrolling.


It is the huge FOMO that makes us keep going.

If I stop now, I might miss that really important thing that I really needed to know…

It sounds stupid now, but at the time you cannot stop yourself.

The only way to reduce your wasted time is to put the systems in place to ensure you don’t waste your precious time.

Here are some other things you can do to make sure Facebook doesn’t get you hooked too:

  • Install Kill News Feed right now on whatever browser you use
  • Have set times to login and logout for interaction – use a time
  • Turn off all notifications on your phone so they do not distract you
  • Keep your phone in another room so you don’t get tempted
  • Use a Pomodoro time to keep you focused
  • Set boundaries with your clients and use a communication tool like Slack


Do you have any other productivity tips to help you keep off the Facebook crack?

How to Easily Boost your Facebook Reach x10

How to Easily Boost your Facebook Reach x10

How to Easily Boost your Facebook Reach x10

It’s no secret that Facebook wants us to pay to play but what if you haven’t got the budget?

Do you check your insights and get depressed with the virtually non-existent reach?

The quickest and easiest way to boost your reach on Facebook reach is videos.

The Facebook algorithm loves videos so it would be daft to ignore that fact. Another thing the algorithm can’t resist is consistency.

Daily Videos

Facebook Video

So show up daily and post a video and Facebook will reward you with tonnes of reach. It doesn’t have the be an amazing production with special lighting and a director. An iPhone face to camera video which gives some helpful advice, your opinion or a demonstration is ideal.

Facebook Live

Even better than a video a Facebook Live broadcast, it’s like video on speed for reach! Facebook Live is the fastest way to build like know, and trust with your audience.

It is a huge opportunity to get in front of your audience without having to pay for it. The longer your host your broadcast the more reach you get, then the more interaction and engagement you have Facebook boosts it even further.

If you don’t want to make money and grow your business avoid Facebook live like the plague.

However if like me you want to grow your business and serve more people, then videos and broadcasting is a must.

Why does it work so well?

They can see the real you and can make eye contact. They can hear the tone in your voice, see you smiling and read your body language.

Where do you start?

You just start! Don’t put it off and plan the heck out of it! You’ll be scared at first but each time you do it it’ll get easier.

Remember to be you! People will soon see if you’re putting an act on some race the fear and be yourself.

It’s not about you. It’s about your audience, if you just help one person it’s worth it! Visualise someone you can hero and focus as if you’re speaking to them.

As Mary said once ” I will not allow my jkfdjfakaljflwa to blafdkfljdakfl in the Freedym Academy presentation

How do I do it?

  • Have a checklist
  • Do a few dry runs first (privately on your personal profile works well)
  • Don’t follow a script
  • Have your key points and your core message to hand
  • Remember to ask questions and say hi to people
  • Practice make perfect
  • Ask for some love! You’ll get a boost
  • Give give give!
  • Don’t worry, just be you
  • End with a call to action

What can I broadcast about?

This is the fun part!

Coming up your content strategy.

First, you have to decide whether you’re going to post daily shorter videos or weekly longer ones or a mixture of both. The subject will more than likely depend on the length of your broadcasts.

Write down your core pililars of your business, what your business covers etc. So for me, it would be productivity, systems, time management, planning and organisations, then for each subject come up with 4 topics you could talk about. If you want some extra help check out my blog on killer content ideas here >>

There are several different types of broadcasts you can do and it’s great for demonstrations if you’re a personal trainer or a hairdresser.

Here are some ideas for some inspiration for you:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Exercise demonstrations
  • Presentation using desktop (webinar style)
  • Presentation using whiteboard
  • Face to camera with advice
  • Interview style
  • A day in the life of
  • Working with clients
  • Q and A sessions

If you would like my step by step system for every time you GO LIVE!

You will have the exact formula that you need for the perfect live broadcast.

To download please go here click the image below!

Facebook Live System

Click me to download your Facebook Live System!