Systemising Your Business in 10 Simple Steps


1. What are your current processes?

What processes do you do week in week out?

What processes do you want to streamline or put in place?

2. Define the outcome of these processes

So whether it be to have a checklist for your blogs or a customer retention system you have to have an outcome.

3. What are the current steps?

Using the blog example

  • Sit down to write a blog
  • Stare at a blank screen for 10 minutes
  • End up on Facebook for 20 minutes
  • Drag yourself back to the blank screen and then huff and puff lots
  • Finally give up and go to the gym
  • Come back, start writing something
  • Spend hours on it without a any direction
  • Publish as can’t be bothered with it any more
  • Share on Facebook
  • Forget about it

Sounds pretty grim right?

4. List the problems with the current steps

In this instance its:

  • What to write
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Have to do it all yourself
  • No clear direction

5. Improve the process

  • Have a central hub for all blog content ideas/ or a schedule for blog posts
  • Schedule in research time
  • Put together an outline for the blog
  • Write 10 different headlines for your chosen subject
  • Narrow down to 1 headline
  • Write first draft
  • Pick a graphic which matches your chosen headline
  • Change font size and read aloud
  • Upload to website
  • Share on social media

6. Can the process be further improved?

A way to improve/ speed up this process would be to outsource parts of this process.

You could have a VA research your chosen subject and/or upload to your website and distribute on social media.

That would make your life easier and wouldn’t be too expensive to outsource.

A great way to get ready to outsource is to use screen flow to record you doing a task, like uploading to your website and distributing and giving to VA.

7. Does the process work?

Were there any steps missing?

Does the order make sense?

8. Evaluate the process

Schedule in time to evaluate the process and see that you are following your process completely.

9. Tweak as required and create Checklist for the process

10. Maintain the system

Schedule a review in 90 days