Simplified social media guide for VAs

If you scratch your head when it comes to what to share on your social media this is for you!

As VAs you often put other businesses before your own and it is harder to do for yourself.

You spend most of your time assisting other people when it comes to putting your Social Media together it can be a bit overwhelming.

Do not worry, after reading this guide you will have no problems with your social media!

There are many ways that you can get your social media on point and with very little work you will be glad to hear!


Social Listening

This is a wonder when coming up with social media content and is often overlooked. In fact, I am writing this blog based on a question that another VA asked in a Facebook group.

Spending time listening to your audience will give you a wealth of ideas for your social media content. The fact that they are asking about it means it is a topic people want to hear more about and you know that it’s relevant.


Here are a few ways you can use social media listening in your content strategy:

Facebook Groups

Being part of networking groups that is filled with your audience and/or ideal customer is the perfect way to get ideas for content. I wouldn’t overwhelm yourself here, I would pick 2-3 groups that you LOVE and check in with them daily.

Comment and interact in the groups and if someone asks a question that you would could write a blog about, do it!


If your niche has online forums search them and find out what people are talking about. Listen to what their problems are and what it is you can help them with. Using the language they do will also help you to relate with your ideal client.


What did we do before Google? We had to rely on Encylopedia and what our teachers/parents told us!

Google is actually a great tool for you to find out what people are searching for. When you start to type in Google will automatically populate with the most popular searches.

You can search using keywords, your niche and FAQs.

You could also try common phrases like:

  • How to Be the Best [INSERT IDEAL CLIENT]
  • [NICHE] problems
  • Best [Keyword]

These will highlight other topics that your audience are searching for and you can help them even further.

Content Aggregators

These are a great way to look for popular content that people are already reading and they have done the hard work for you.

Checkout this quick search I did for ‘virtual assistant’ on Buzzsumo:


simplified social media guide for VAs


For more on this visit >>


Types of Content

This is another great way to come up different ideas.

It makes it easier if you know what type of content that you are coming up with.

Here are some content types you can choose from:

  • Video Presentations – you talking to the camera
  • Video Screen Share – a demonstration
  • Video Q and A
  • Facebook Live
  • Blogs you have written
  • How to Guide
  • Content Round Up
  • Influencer Content (ask them questions, quote them)
  • Text posts
  • Questions /Interactive posts
  • Polls
  • Images
  • Slideshares
  • Link posts

So here you can see there are many types of content you can share over the course of a week.

Different platforms suit different mediums so that you can match them accordingly.


For Free Offer (Lead Magnet)

1 Tweet a day

1 Facebook/LinkedIn post a week

1 Infographic a week


Questions, Tips and Blogs

4 – 5 Tweets a week

2 – 4 Facebook images a week

2 LinkedIn blogs a week

1 Infographic a week

1 poll per week on Facebook

1 video per week

1 Live broadcast per week


Promotional Material – For program/training being sold

2 Tweets a day

1 Facebook/LinkedIn post a week

1 Infographic per month


This is just an example.

You may just want to be on Facebook and Instagram.

So you can work it a bit different and the image you post to Instagram can also be shared to Facebook automatically.

1 x tip (image) in the morning (both)

1 x blog week (both)

1 x infographic per week (FB)

1 x poll per week (FB)

3 x interactive questions (FB)

1 x video per week (FB)

1 x Facebook live per week

Once you know what type of content you need to come up with each week its is much easier to batch create it.


Creating Graphics

Creating graphics doesn’t need a specialised graphic designer these days. Yes it would be ideal if you could have your own in house designer to whip up new designs for you but it isn’t cost effective and there are some great tools out there.


This is my tool of choice. You can create just about anything using this fabulous tool, plus it is FREE!

There is a paid version, I did have it for a year but I didn’t get the best use out of it. The main paid benefit was being able to convert all images automatically into different formats. So you can create 10 Instagram posts and then automatically convert them to Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest images.

However you can easily link your social media accounts so that your Instagram automatically posts to your Facebook without having to create new images!

simplified social media guide for VAs

Create weekly posts and questions once per week so you save time and are more efficient.

Smart Phone Tools

There are so many iPhone tools you can use to create simple graphics. Canva does have an app too but I find it easier and quicker to create on my desktop.

There are so many tools and there isn’t much difference between them, it’s more personal preference.

A few tools I have used and would recommend:

  • Wordswag
  • WordDream
  • Typorama
  • Studio

Social Media Tools

There are several tools which can help you dominate social media. There are some cheaper version and you get what you pay for.

It is possible to get what you need for fairly cheap, this just usually means it’s a little more work for you. So it depends if you want to save time or money most!

Here are some tools you can use and a couple of pros and cons about them:

Meet Edgar

The great thing about Meet Edgar is that it can recycle your content so you don’t have to reschedule it as long as it’s evergreen content.

simplified social media guide for VAs

However Meet Edgar does have its limitations as it doesn’t allow you to upload videos or bulk upload that I am aware of.


This is what I first started out with. I really didn’t stick it for long as it wasn’t for me.

Simplified Social Media Guide For VAs

You are able to upload in bulk text in one go via a csv file though.This might be more user friendly since I used it, I know others that love it so it must have improved or I just prefer something more simple and pretty!


Now this is my personal favourite and people even joke that I should be one of their brand ambassadors. However, I just love its simplicity and it makes my life easier, plus it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Simplified Social Media Guide For VAs

Most of these have a free trial period so get signed up for one and try it out and see how you get on.

Social media doesn’t have to be difficult. With the use of a few tools, you’ll be on your way to mastering your clients (and your own) social media!