System to Nail your Email Marketing in Less than an Hour Per Week

System to Nail your Email Marketing in Less than an Hour Per Week

System to Nail your Email Marketing in Less than an Hour Per Week

The ROI on email marketing is high than any social media platform. It has the best return for each $1 spent and you own the list rather than renting it.

As you will have noticed in 2016, organic reach is near zero on Facebook as they want you to pay to play. If you are a savvy business owner you will have been utilising social media to get people on to your email list.

By building a relationship with your audience and being consistent you will have created a money-making list. The small businesses that are killing it with email marketing are the ones that learn, test and adapt regularly.

They create an email marketing system that works for them to create and distribute awesome content to their list and keep to their regular routine.

How would you like to create the perfect email marketing system for your business?

I know you are busy and time is money, so without further ado let’s get started.

Create a Habit

We know that business live or die by their daily habits. You have to show up every day to be top of mind and make a difference to people’s lives. If you like money you should be emailing your list at least once per week.

If you don’t have time, in basic terms you need to make time.

You could start with once per week, providing a newsletter or roundup type email that gives the reader the best content from the week. Then you can build up to twice per week up to daily emails.

So how do you create this habit? You time block obviously!

You can create a lot in 30 minutes twice per week once you have your systems in place.

Mondays – Plan content and research topics

Tuesday – Write 2-3 emails

Thursday – Write 2-3 emails

Sunday – Track open and click through rates (monthly)

Create Your Content Hub

Create a Content Hub

As part of your social media systemisation we create a hub of relevant content that you can access quickly and easily at any time. Perhaps you are on the train and an amazing idea comes to you, you have to have a system in place otherwise you may lose the idea forever.

Having a hub where all your ideas, 3rd party content and past articles you will never be short of ideas. You can also use a range of tools to make content curation and creation even easier.

Some tools I use on a bi-weekly basis to see what’s popular are

Buzzsumo – a content discovery tool which shows you the most popular content by topic.
Nuzzle – this tool analyses content that has been shared by your connections on Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter and Facebook Trending – you can easily create popular content using trending topics which are relevant to your audience.
Twitter and Facebook Lists – you can create a newsfeed which is filled with relevant content shared by industry influencers which is highly targeted for your audience.

If you need some help thinking of killer content ideas check out this blog which talks you through the systems I use >>

Decide your Ratio and Schedule

So now you have your hub which is jam packed with ideas of what to post. Now you need to create a constant schedule so you know when you are posting what.

There are a few ways you can do this but ultimately you have to do what works for you best.

There are a few types of emails:

  • Promotional emails
  • Interesting stories
  • Round Up emails
  • Testimonial emails
  • Lists / How to emails
  • Advice giving emails

Repurpose Content

I would go for the 10% promotional posts, 50% unique content (yours) 40% 3rd party content. Depending on how often you post whole determine how often you post what.

You can have set theme days too if you prefer.

Monday Motivation
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wisdom
Thursday Testimonial
Friday Round Up

Your audience doesn’t have to know the themes of the day, its to make your life easier. If I say create a months worth of content ideas you will probably draw a blank.

What if I say create 4 x motivational posts, 4 x tips for your audience, 4 x nuggets of wisdom, 4 x testimonials, 4 round ups of your content and other people’s.

Now that sounds more manageable right?

Analyse Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers

You should know a lot of your business figures off the top of your head. If you don’t you should be able to easily access them.

Do you know how many people subscribe to your list daily, weekly and monthly on average?

Do you know how many people on average unsubscribe on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Do you know what your open rate is, your click through rate and how can you improve these?

If you don’t know your numbers you cannot improve on them. Just a 1% increase at each stage can make a big different to your overall bottom line.

If you have no clue where to start with your numbers, don’t fret I used to be like that too. You can only ‘wing’ it for so long though, becoming a proper business owner means knowing your numbers. Once you know what you are looking for it’s very easy!

If you are completely stuck email me at with the subject line: What are my numbers?

So if you are ready to get serious with your email marketing here are you top takeaway points:

  • Create your habits for creating, research and scheduling intent
  • Have a content hub for ideas and inspiration
  • Commit to your schedule and themes
  • Plan your content in advance
  • Analyse your numbers regularly





Get The Best from your Online Marketing with These 5 Tips

Get The Best from your Online Marketing with These 5 Tips

KMW 5 Onilne Marketing Tips

Online marketing is constantly changing and we as business owners need to evolve with it.

There is no point getting upset that Facebook reach has dramatically dropped. Make it your mission to get ahead of the curve and learn what the best marketing strategies for 2017 so you can hit the ground running.

If you are serious about growing your business then you need to have the right tools in place to scale in 2017.

Streamline Your Efforts

You may be trying your hardest to be everywhere but with little or no impact. It is important to have an online presence but this should not mean you spread yourself to thin.

Measure which social media platforms are performing best for you and run with it. So if your LinkedIn is a ghost town but your Instagram is booming with engagement, where should you spend more time?

Don’t be scared to close down a platform if it isn’t performing, it means you can spend your valuable time getting a return on your most precious investment (time).

Pro Tip: I often repurpose content that I have written for my best platform to other platforms so it’s not much extra work.

Optimise Your Channels

This is crucial to be found. You need to make sure that your ideal client finds you as easily as possible. Each platform has different requirements and rules to follow, so make sure you swat op on the best profiles and how you can emulate it.

There are some basic tips like using grey words that your client would be searching for and amending your URL to your business or brand name.

Having a consistent look and feel between your platforms is important, however they need to be adapted as necessary to the individual platforms.

Stand out from the Crowd

You will probably have noticed that there is a massive trend of Facebook Live broadcasts taking over Facebook.  For me if you are not utilising Facebook Live you don’t really want it. It is the BEST free social media strategy available to you.

If you want to succeed in business you need to take note of trends and decide whether you are going to take advantage of it and add it to your social media strategy. You will see that early adopters usually do well, aim to create fun, shareable and unique content.

There is a new trend emerging which is chatbots for customer interaction, it would be a good idea to learn about this feature and see whether it’s something your business would benefit from.

Develop Your Winning Content Strategy

I already have my first quarters content planned in. The best way to make sure you get ahead is to plan it that way. Most businesses are winging it and are being reactive rather than strategic.

By being consistent and strategic you will have the best results. You can start with planning a month in advance and work up to a quarter.

I use a spreadsheet for my content planning, it is filled with themed and topical content according to the time of year. There are also gaps so that I can make the most of relevant trending subjects.

By creating a strategy you will feel less overwhelmed and will not procrastinate about scheduling your awesome content.

Check out this blog about creating killer content here >>

Leverage Your Social Media

Social media is fabulous. It means you have the ability to create and build relationships with people all over the world . Social media levels the playing field and means that it is not just big brands that an make an impact.

The problem with social media is that you don not own it. One day you can go to log-in and your Facebook page has been completely shut down or you can be stopped from contacting people if they feel you are being ‘spammy’.

The best thing you can do is get people off your social media and onto your email list.  That way you can develop your online relationship further and you can take them through the client journey.

Creating an email strategy that is inline with your social media strategy will mean that your ideal client will like the content as it is similar.

Key Points from this Blog

If you want to ensure your success in 2017 follow these tips:

– Pick the platforms that are performing
– Optimise your social media to rank high on searches
– Stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to try something new
– Have a plan to follow
– Leverage your Social Media to something you own (Email Marketing etc)

What was the main point you took away from this blog?

I would love to hear your thoughts!





The Ultimate Takeaway Business Lessons of this Year

The Ultimate Takeaway Business Lessons of this Year

As an online business owner and consultant I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the company of business awesomeness. I always soak up every nugget shared by these business owners as they walk the talk.

Rather than sharing my lessons from 2016, and boy there were a lot! I thought it would make more sense to share the ultimate business lesson from these online influencers.

I just asked these awesome business superstars one quick question What is your one big lesson from 2016?’

Here are the amazing replies I recieved!

Luke Johnson – CEO & Founder at Shredded By Science

Luke johnson

For people to stop learning for the sake of it and start taking action

Karen Nadkarni Ruffle – MD/Founder at Fit Pro Client Recipes

Karen Ruffle

1. Daily videos do generate more enquiries whatever the product & are more powerful than daily posts. Just trying to work out how to make them relevant to FPCR.

2. For B2B influencers is the strategy. Need to make more friends & work out how I can help them so it’s not all take (cos that feels awkward)

3. Not to get side-tracked just because I know a lot about something & can help people…but to focus on core business.

(Yes I realise there are 3 lessons here, but Karen always follows her own rules lol!)

Jos Aguiar – Marketing Consultant for Foward Thinking Leaders

Jos Aguir

Biggest lesson of 2016 has been to take the foot of the brakes. Most people already have access to the knowledge to at least get a solid start in their businesses but very few back themselves. It’s 90% a mental game. Spend the time to develop yourself and have a clear idea of where you want to go.

Liam Thompson – Head of Digital Marketing and Business Strategy

Liam Thompson

Your success is based on your actions and not neccessarily your knowledge. Having a clear set of goals and breaking those goals down to actionable steps and then taking action is the key to business growth. That and taking the time out to look after your own health and well being 1st to enable you to consistently take action.

Carly Jennings – Author of Memoir Of A Wiggly Girl & female fat loss specialist for HLHL

Carly Jennings

Be yourself

Don’t conform to what you perceive people to want.
Be inexcusably and utterly you.
People will buy you ☺️

Andrew Crawford – Business Development Manager

Andrew Crawford

However bad you think your position is, there’s always someone in a worse position than you. So deal with the hand you are dealt with..!!!

Hollie Ellis – Freelance Graphic Designer at Hollie Ellis Design

Hollie Ellis

Work hard, put the effort in and you’ll reap the benefits. You will have to sacrifice some things in order to get to where you want to be, but the end results will be worth it!

Carl Norman – Passionate about Personal Growth and Development

Carl Norman

I don’t really think I could define one thing that taught me one particular thing in 2016 but I suppose slowing down a little to focus what’s important to me has been a really big eye opener.

Darren Casey – The Most Expensive Online Coach On Earth

Darren Casey

Stop. Create space to SEE what’s going to generate the highest impact. 2 hrs of focus on the most impactful task, aligned with your big picture… trumps being busy 6,8,10+ Hrs.

Aimee Holland – Digital Marketing Strategist

Aimee Holland

One big lesson is that dropping things that don’t serve you makes way for things that do.

Sophie Jewry – Queen of Brand and Princess of Planning

Sophie Jewry

Look for the positive. There will be times when everything feels like it’s going wrong, equally there will be times when it feels like you’re flying and everything is perfect.

There will always be opportunities to focus on the negative or the positive.

Acknowledge the negative and learn what you can from it but focus on the positive – that is the path to happiness and is the fuel for your grit and determination which leads to success.


Dan Salcumbe – Fitness Marketing & Website Design

Dan Salcumbe

Spend less time planning and more time doing.

Claire Hunter – Facebook Ads Specialist

Claire Hunter

That I should have written my course sooner!

Rachael Watson – Nutrition for Health Specialist

Rachael Watson

Ask for help when you need it

Kelly-Marie West – Productivity & Systems Specialist

There comes a point where you have to stop learning and planning and just do it! No one is going to do it for you.

You either have to invest a shed load of time or a shed load of money.

Without one of these your business will not succeed.

Invest both and you’re laughing!

In Closing

I am absolutely thrilled with the replies I received. Short and sweet, to the point and very useful.

What is your key takeaway from 2016?

Did you find any of these replies resonated with you?


















How to Run Your Business and Keep Your Sanity

How to Run Your Business and Keep Your Sanity

How to Run a Business and Keep Your Sanity

So you’ve decided you want to be a business owner?

Or perhaps you’re already a business owner and you want to reclaim your sanity?

First of all, I want to wish you all the luck in the world, it sure is a rollercoaster ride. It is more than worth it to have the laptop lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

I wanted to offer you my top tips to ensure you keep your sanity intact and have the best possible chance for success.

Have a routine

This is your best friend! Running your own business can be hard and motivating yourself can be difficult. By creating a routine you will have the habits in place to get on with the work you need to without thinking about it.

I love having themed days, so for each day of the week, I have a set deep work task to do. By having these themed days you know exactly what you’re doing each day.

Time Blocking and Routine

Having a set time to start and finish works well too. I don’t even look at my emails until I have got my daughter to school, that way I am completely present in getting her ready to school and she had my full attention. Also have you ever tried to write an email when your child is asking you a million questions in one minute?! It’s a recipe for disaster!

Use Checklists

Using checklists makes your life so much easier. I have them for my daily tasks (shallow work), weekly tasks and even my shopping list! By having a list to go to for a resource you’ll feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

They don’t have to be super comprehensive just simple and concise.

I have things like post to Instagram, check my emails, interact on social media and things like that. At first, you will use the checklist daily and before you know it, it’ll become second nature.

You can use it to reference to if you are training staff in the future so that they know what to expect to be done on a daily basis.

I have created systems in my business for every task that happens and if I couldn’t work someone else could follow my processes and procedures to get it done.

Get Offline

Yes, this might seem a bit of a strange suggestion for someone wanting to build an online business. However, there is no point having the freedom of a laptop lifestyle if you are always stuck on your laptop!

Make sure you get some time away from the online world every day. Whether it be to hangout with friends, go for a walk or head to the gym it will do the world of good to have some free time.

Use tools to help

There are several tools you can use to ensure your business runs on autopilot as much as possible. I wanted to suggest that you use Calendly to book in client calls and consultations so that you can run your schedule with minimal fuss.

I am also a raving fan of Buffer, it takes care of my social media for me!

If you want to learn my top ten tools to run a business you can find them here >>

Optimise your Check-ins

This probably was one of my biggest time savers. I used to constantly be online to answer messages and emails as soon as they came in. Whilst you may feel productive you’re actually not, it’s the complete opposite in fact.

You are being a slave to your notifications, so turn them off on your phone and laptop so that you only check-in when YOU actually want to. If you are super brave take the social media apps off your phone (except Instagram obviously) you then won’t be on your phone all the time.

I have 3 times per day where I check and deal with emails at a time that suits me. I also do the same with social media, I make time to go online with purpose so I don’t spend hours aimlessly flicking through my newsfeed.

I get in and out as quickly as possible. I make sure my auto responder advises people of this so they know if it is urgent to call me.

Use Techniques to Aid Productivity

I mainly use 2 techniques which keep me super focused and productive. They are called ‘time blocking’ and ‘pomodoro so for everything I do I schedule in time blocks of 30-90 minute intervals to do a set task but use the Pomodoro timer to do focused work for 25 minutes with a 5-minute break or 90 minutes work and a 20-minute break.

By using these techniques I can work quickly and efficiently and know that I can have a short break coming soon.

You can use an app on your phone or a simple kitchen timer, just remember to turn your phone to aeroplane mode so you don’t get disturbed.

Schedule Everything

If you want to achieve anything it must be scheduled in. This isn’t just for your work, it covers fun time, me time, mother and daughter time and even date night!

By ditching your to-do list and opting for scheduling your tasks in, you will know whether you have time to do them or not realistically.

Think of things like appointments, you wouldn’t skip a doctor’s appointment or cancel on your boss so be as disciplined with your scheduling.

Simplify Your Life

If you can make your life easier why wouldn’t you?

There are several ways you can do to create time in your day, freeing you up to do more of what you love not to mention earn more money.

Have you heard about working in your genius? It’s a bit like that and only you can decide how you can do it.

For me I like to have a clean house but don’t want to waste time cleaning, I have a cleaner that is £10 an hour, if I make double that per hour it’s a perfect option.

If you HATE blogging but know that is a necessary evil for your business, it’s the ideal task to outsource right? If you love video then do that and get it transcribed and made into a blog for you! It’s your words you just don’t have to write them!

By outsourcing these activities which are not your genius you can spend time doing more of what you’re good at and make more money in the process.

Keeping Your Sanity

As you can see there is a theme throughout the blog about being a successful entrepreneur and it means good planning.

All of the tips I have given you are to do with managing yourself to get the best out of your time.

To create freedom in your life this requires careful planning, consistency and discipline. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, I love it and it suits me to the ground.

Whereas some people like to clock in and clock out, have someone else set their goals and follow someone else’s rules. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all, it’s finding what is best for you and your life.

If you would like some help to systemise your business so that you can make the best out of your time email me at if you would like to try our course on social media systemisation we have some spots available in the new year.

Click-Worthy Content Creation for LinkedIn Made Stupidly Easy

Click-Worthy Content Creation for LinkedIn Made Stupidly Easy

LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn is a hidden treasure chest of leads and connections that are waiting to be made.

People that are on LinkedIn are usually employed or looking for employment. They are businesslike and professional.

This isn’t somewhere to share your favourite memes or cats skateboarding down a hill, no matter how tempting it is.

Think about the audience on LinkedIn, they are not there to joke or chat meaninglessly, they want to learn and be around people that know what they’re talking about.

Just because the content is a little more serious, that doesn’t mean you can get away with boring.

So how do you create awesome content that people want to read and share with their connections?

You need an Attention Grabbing Headline

We all know that your headline makes or breaks you when sending an email it’s similar with LinkedIn. You need a title that inspires curiosity and intrigue and give them the ultimate fear, the fear of missing out.

Coming up with a killer title does give you permission to use your poetic licence but make sure you don’t take the biscuit. And if you wow them with the title and your content lets them down they definitely will not come back.

It is said that for however long it takes you to write your blog it should take at least the same amount of time to come up with the best title.

Top Tip: Write down 20 titles, the last one might be diabolical or it could be dynamite! Then use co-schedule headlines analyser to get the best score with your chosen title.

Be Unique

There are tonnes of people that do exactly what you do. Sorry to break it to you, but there are literally so many people that can offer what you do. However, there is only one you!

So be yourself and bring you to the table and NO ONE can deliver that. For me I am an organisation freak that loves to get things done in the most efficiently way possible. My husband says it’s laziness whereas I prefer to call being effective.

I draw from my background of being a military brat and then I married an airman too. I like the regimented way that things have to be done a set way and that every day can be different but you know exactly what is expected of you.

My no nonsense, straight talking approach means you’ll either love me or hate me. So what makes you unique? Make sure that comes across in your communications and you will not waste time attracting people that are not your ideal client.

Know Your Audience

In my Social Media Systemisation we spend a whole week on this. It is THAT important. If you don’t know exactly who you’re trying to help how will they anyone know you you’re talking to.

You can have several niches yes, however you need to be specific about who you’re talking to as their needs will be completely different.

Creating a customer profile will aid you in your content creation and selling. When you use language that they do and speak about their exact struggles and problems they will soon listen.

In basic terms you need to know what problem you solve and who you solve it for. Deep dive into the type of person that will need this solution and why they needed it and what other interests they may have and what keeps them up at night.

Write Like You Talk

This is a game changer and actually makes your job easier. So instead of making sure that your content is grammarly perfect and makes you sound super intelligent think is that really you?

I talk to you as if you were in front of me, I don’t use long words and my grammar can be terrible. I do try and spell as best I can but I am human after all.

By typing like you talk you are more authentic and people will build a stronger bond with you. I like to imagine I’m talking to a particular client and that makes it even easier.

Your brain is literally full of information that can help your audience, so get it out there and help them. It’s a crying shame if you keep it to yourself

Top Tip: Type like your life depended on it! I mean type as fast as you can, think less and type more. The more you do this the more natural you will sound (and more typos too).

Pull on the Heartstrings

This might seem a little conniving but it’s not meant in that way. When you understand your audience you will know exactly what ticks them off and makes them want to cry.

So talk to them about it and how you overcome these things and give them solutions. In this instance, I know most business owners haven’t got a clue about what to write and how to get the best out of the content they create.

That is why I am talking about it and giving you my exact formula for when I create content. This means that I am talking directly you and hopefully give you some great ideas and putting you at ease about creating content.

Top Tip: You aim is to evoke emotion so that they take action. You are not trying to make them cry, you want them to understand that you empathise with them.

Be Consistent

Don’t post a few statuses, write a few articles and forget about your profile. Have a set frequency for how often you post a status and how many articles you will be posting.

I recommend you post one status each morning at least once and I use Buffer to do this for me. I tend to do a month’s worth of content at once, I would suggest you start with a week and build up to a month. Otherwise it can be quite daunting and we don’t want you overwhelmed so much that you do nothing!

Publishing articles on LinkedIn is another must, you can use content that you have put on your blog or you have emailed to your list. I recommend you blog/write an article weekly but if you’re new to this start with monthly and build up to it or even outsource it if you need.

The fab thing about LinkedIn is that every time you post a status or an article on LinkedIn Pulse) all your connections get a notification! That’s why your headline is so important as you have the opportunity to get your article in front of every single one of your contacts without spending a penny. (see below)

LinkedIn Content Notifcationss

Don’t Forget About Video

You can share video content on LinkedIn just like other platforms which is great news right? So the videos you create for your audience on other platforms, you can share them to LinkedIn too! No extra work just great content going to another audience which is super useful.

Using Buffer makes this even easier for you when you have created one video you can then schedule it to go out on all relevant platforms at your chosen day and time.

Remember This

All your content should have a purpose. Whether it be a simple status, a well throughout blog post or a quick video tip you want to get your audience off social media and into your sales funnel.

You do this by leaving a Call to Action (CTA) this could be to subscribe to your channel, to download your freebie or just to write a comment.

It needs to be succinct with the content you are providing so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. You want to stand out for the right reasons!

Actions Points

I trust you have read this far and now you’re raring to get on LinkedIn and create loads of awesome content!

I would first start with your strategy. What are you going to post about it, what topics will you discuss and whose third party content will you share. If you need some help with this check out my blog on creating killer content here >>

Then come up with a schedule, I would start smaller that say you will write a blog weekly and post a status every hour. Firstly people would soon switch off, plus it’s setting yourself up to fail which will make you feel motivated.

I suggest you start with one status per day at 9am and one blog per month. If you haven’t got Buffer, get it. You will thank me – I like wine! Lol

Good luck!

If you would like to take your LinkedIn Content to the next level check out SME who are the authority on all things social media







45 Of My Best Productivity Hacks I’ve Perfected This Year

45 Of My Best Productivity Hacks I’ve Perfected This Year

Copy of KMW Blog Headers1

We all love a productivity hack right?

If you could get more done in less time wouldn’t you want to?

I have been running my online business nearly 2 years now and 2016 has been a big learning curve. I am sharing with you my very best productivity hacks so you get the most out of your time and you feel awesome every day.

So if you to supercharge your productivity and be a little smug about how much you achieve in one day, read on and then implement:

1.        Turn off Social Media notifications on your phone and only use it on your PC – this means deleting the app off your phone!

2.        Check emails at certain times throughout the day and have an autoresponder which advises that you check it at Xam and Xpm

3.        Use a timer so that you can work in set intervals. I use Clear Focus there is also one called Pomodoro. Find which working pattern works for you 90 minutes work/20 minutes break works well for me

4.        Work with your energy levels. If you are most productive in the morning, this is when you should do your most demanding work

5.        Plan the next day the night before you go to bed or at the end of your work day

6.        Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do right now, if it takes less that 2 minutes just do it!

7.        Turn your PC off when you have finished work – it’s all too easy to just quickly jump back on!

8.        Tidy your workspace at the end of each day, a clean desk is a happy desk!

9.        Have a set routine and keep to it as much as possible – routine is the key to productivity!

10.       Get up one hour earlier that usual! You will get so much more done with no distractions

11.       Try to limit wasteful Skype/phone calls by providing an agenda beforehand – this is awesome as most things can be covered in an email…

12.       Outsource what you cannot do or what you find difficult to do – time saver of the century!

13.       Don’t multi-task, complete 1 full task at a time. Going between tasks means things will get missed and you won’t be productive!

14.       Use your breaks wisely – put the washing on, prepare food, go for a walk. Sad I know but the housework won’t do itself

15.        Go for a walk when your productivity starts to dwindle usually after lunch – beat the afternoon slump with some fresh air

16.        Have a cut-off point for your day and stick to it – there is no point having your own business if it runs you into the ground

17.        Don’t spread yourself too thin, if doing one task is going to set back another tell your boss/client and ask them to make the decision which is a priority to them

18.        Change your scenery, work on a train, in a ‘Coffice’ or even in an indoor play centre for kids! (only do this is you have kids mind!)

19.        De-clutter your emails, use and stop signing up to everyone’s emails! They don’t hold the key to all your questions!

20.        Stop looking for shortcuts or the next big thing. Do the work and get on with your daily tasks and you will get there eventually

21.        Plan all your meals and snacks in advance, I even set an alarm for when it’s time to eat!

22.       Carry a notebook with you everywhere, you never know when creativity will strike

23.        Spend 10 minutes exercising your brain with a crossword puzzle – frustrating but it does take your mind off work

24.       Prioritise your workload according to what HAS to be done, what NEEDS to be done and can WAIT FOREVER! Ditch the stuff that can wait and schedule in the rest

25.       You’ve heard about batch cooking right? Well try it with your work, create social media posts in batches, do client invoices, filing etc. all in batches its a life saver

26.       Create a list of small tasks so that you can check off small easy tasks and have a feel good moment from small wins

27.       Don’t leave things until the last minute, set yourself a fake deadline before the actual deadline – you still have to stick to it mind

28.       Have a daily dump! I mean a brain dump, that way you will have a clear mind for going to bed, it is amazing what a difference this makes

29.       Have a daily task/goal and make yourself accountable. Tell others what you are going to achieve and ask what they are doing that day

30.       Meditate of 10 minutes a day, if you’re really busy do it for longer! You can just sit quietly breathing in and out, it doesn’t have to be weird

31.       Break large projects and tasks into smaller manageable tasks, reverse engineering works a treat here

32.       RECON – for everything you need to do. Do your research in advance. If it’s good enough for the military it’s good enough for me

33.       Educate yourself. You’ve heard knowledge is power right? Wrong, implementation is where the power is. Learn and then DO!

34.       Reward yourself. There is no point in working like a dog if you aren’t going to throw yourself a bone every now and again! I treated myself to an Apple iWatch recently – I love it!

35.       Don’t waste time or energy on people that bring you down – if someone brings you down or causes you pain – cut them out of your life.

36.       Have fun! Plan it into your routine and do it! If it doesn’t get planned in we often overlook it. Ice skating, rock climbing or just having a campfire and a glass of wine

37.       Keep messages and emails short and sweet. Just because you can type fast doesn’t mean anyone’s got time for war and peace

38.        Cut your hours. Research shows that working 60 hours instead of 50 doesn’t make you any more productive!

39.       Have one full day OFF per week. Get outside and live. We don’t live to work, we work to live. Sunday is my day off, I love a good Netflix binge 😉

40.       Don’t be the YES person. It is ok to say no, push back if you need to. You can’t be everything for everyone

41.        Ask for help if you need it, you cannot do everything all the time

42.       Stop being a perfectionist, do what you can with what you have – this was a hard one for me.

43.       Automate repetitive tasks as much as possible use IFTTT.COM

44.       Don’t guess. Use data to guide your decision-making

45.       Plan in your down time. Have a ‘me’ hour /evening or day! I choose to exercise and read as my ‘me’ time.

Now I know that is a long list of productivity hacks but we are all different and some will be more useful to you than others.

I wouldn’t try and implement too many at once, I have had 18 months to perfect these and make them part of my routine.

Pick 2-3 tops and incorporate them into your daily routine and before you know it will become second nature.

Which productivity hacks will implement first?