Hi there, I’m Kelly-Marie (obviously). So nice to meet you!

I’m a business owner who likes to kick some serious ass. I’m also a proud military wife a mum to a LO and I currently live in the UK, Marham to be precise.

I manage to balance having it all with, delivering a great service to business owners. And I’m here to help you do the same.

I got some sick, perverse buzz from working harder and being busy. I learned quickly, it wasn’t for me. Especially when I fell pregnant with my daughter Jessica. I knew, as a new mother, that things would have to change. I couldn’t pull all-nighters or burn the candle at both ends and then function as a human being.

I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness so, while on maternity leave, I decided to pursue a business as a personal trainer. I absolutely loved working with clients, helping them reach their health goals, but most of my time in my new business was spent on things I behind the scenes, like emails and social media marketing and paperwork.

Eighty percent of my time was doing to things nothing to do with fitness. I didn’t have time to train myself and I wasn’t enjoying it. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I envisioned my business. Not. At. All. I needed a better way- some systems and processes so my time was better spent. I got very good, very quickly at the behind the scenes, out of sheer necessity- for my own sanity.

Then, the final kicker, we moved house three times in less than 18 months as a military family. UGH! My ‘in-person’ business model suffered… a lot.

That’s when I made the life changing, awesome decision to move my business online and to focus on helping other small business owners & entrepreneurs (mainly health & fitness professionals) make their business more efficient by using the systems I’d learned along the way. It was the perfect circumstance for my business to take off, helping other in the same boat as I was to set up their businesses in a way that worked for them.

Phew… what an amazing journey! Since then I’ve helped oodles of clients with getting their proverbial sh!t together so that they can focus on the things that they really love to do more of in their business.

Ya know… like helping PEOPLE, not shuffling paperwork and updating statuses and taking time out of their day to market constantly. I’m happy to report that I can easily move my business when we move for the military, my daughter has her mum when she needs me and my business grows more every day because of the systems and processes I’ve put into place.

Isn’t that what you want too? So that’s me, in a nutshell.

Who are you? Come on over to my Facebook page and say “hi” or send me an email at kelly@kellymariewest.com

I can’t wait to meet you!

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What Others Say About Me


Kelly does exactly what she says she will & she does it on time.

Not only has Kelly increased the number of bookings & new members in the short time we’ve worked together, she’s also removed a TON of stress…

Easy to work with, straight forward, friendly and professional.

I’d highly recommend getting Kelly on board to simplify your life….

Jon Compton

Iron Man Fitness

I would highly recommend working with Kelly – she is fast, efficient and very professional.

Since hiring Kelly to cover my social media posts on Facebook my interaction and likes have gone up.

I gave her my avatar on who I wanted to attract to the page and her posts fit that perfectly. It is has also given me back countless hours I would be wasting sitting at my screen trying to come up with content for SM.

Kelly is a must have for your business.

Ben Knight

Venture Fitness

It’s rare an entrepreneur can find someone so efficient & switched on that they can take 3-4 weeks off at a time & know their business will run smoothly & any crisis will be dealt with.

She is constantly updating & extending her knowledge of social media & IT systems, which only make her, even more ‘a great catch’ than she already is.

She is a bonus to any business.

You should definitely hire her -if she has time!

Karen Ruffle

Fitpro Client Recipes

I would highly recommend working with Kelly – I have known her for a number of years now and she has helped me immensely with my business.

Not only is she savvy with social media, e-mail marketing and all the things that us PTs find a total pain in the arse when it comes to our business, but she’s also a great friend and advisor when you have business decisions to make!

If you are considering getting help with your PT business when it comes to social media, marketing and admin – I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to hire Kelly. Get in quick, before she gets fully booked.

Rachael Watson

Walk the Talk Fitness

Kelly has been doing work for my boyfriend and myself for the last couple of months and she has been a dream come true.

Her work is very professional and always put together on time and she’s always coming up with different ideas to help and promote our Personal Training Studios.

We have had more likes to our pages, more traffic to our website and even new clients.

Kelly has given us the ability for us to focus on our business instead of being in our business 24/7.

We would highly recommend Kelly

Melissa Piper

In & Out Fitness

Her work is outstanding and she gets the job done, on time every time!

I trust her completely to work with my customers to as high a standard as I do.

I love knowing that all those jobs I never get round to are just done, quickly and easily with no headaches.

I highly recommend working with Kelly if you want a professional business and to grow.

Aimee Holland

Aimee Holland

Kelly is efficient, works damn hard and gets things done!

Kelly has a great and professional work ethic

What else could you ask for 🙂

Dean Read

Performance Nutritionist

I am loving working with Kelly – the funny thing is I sometimes forget that I am working with her; because from the moment I hired her she has just taken up the slack and got on with doing a great job.

She has free’d up so much of my time – a great investment

Kim Raine

Babes on the Run

What a great service!

Getting all the stuff I hate doing done and even better than I could do it myself.

Leaving me free to do the stuff I love and grow my business.

Steve Dennis

Fitness Flex