KMW 5 Onilne Marketing Tips

Online marketing is constantly changing and we as business owners need to evolve with it.

There is no point getting upset that Facebook reach has dramatically dropped. Make it your mission to get ahead of the curve and learn what the best marketing strategies for 2017 so you can hit the ground running.

If you are serious about growing your business then you need to have the right tools in place to scale in 2017.

Streamline Your Efforts

You may be trying your hardest to be everywhere but with little or no impact. It is important to have an online presence but this should not mean you spread yourself to thin.

Measure which social media platforms are performing best for you and run with it. So if your LinkedIn is a ghost town but your Instagram is booming with engagement, where should you spend more time?

Don’t be scared to close down a platform if it isn’t performing, it means you can spend your valuable time getting a return on your most precious investment (time).

Pro Tip: I often repurpose content that I have written for my best platform to other platforms so it’s not much extra work.

Optimise Your Channels

This is crucial to be found. You need to make sure that your ideal client finds you as easily as possible. Each platform has different requirements and rules to follow, so make sure you swat op on the best profiles and how you can emulate it.

There are some basic tips like using grey words that your client would be searching for and amending your URL to your business or brand name.

Having a consistent look and feel between your platforms is important, however they need to be adapted as necessary to the individual platforms.

Stand out from the Crowd

You will probably have noticed that there is a massive trend of Facebook Live broadcasts taking over Facebook.  For me if you are not utilising Facebook Live you don’t really want it. It is the BEST free social media strategy available to you.

If you want to succeed in business you need to take note of trends and decide whether you are going to take advantage of it and add it to your social media strategy. You will see that early adopters usually do well, aim to create fun, shareable and unique content.

There is a new trend emerging which is chatbots for customer interaction, it would be a good idea to learn about this feature and see whether it’s something your business would benefit from.

Develop Your Winning Content Strategy

I already have my first quarters content planned in. The best way to make sure you get ahead is to plan it that way. Most businesses are winging it and are being reactive rather than strategic.

By being consistent and strategic you will have the best results. You can start with planning a month in advance and work up to a quarter.

I use a spreadsheet for my content planning, it is filled with themed and topical content according to the time of year. There are also gaps so that I can make the most of relevant trending subjects.

By creating a strategy you will feel less overwhelmed and will not procrastinate about scheduling your awesome content.

Check out this blog about creating killer content here >>

Leverage Your Social Media

Social media is fabulous. It means you have the ability to create and build relationships with people all over the world . Social media levels the playing field and means that it is not just big brands that an make an impact.

The problem with social media is that you don not own it. One day you can go to log-in and your Facebook page has been completely shut down or you can be stopped from contacting people if they feel you are being ‘spammy’.

The best thing you can do is get people off your social media and onto your email list.  That way you can develop your online relationship further and you can take them through the client journey.

Creating an email strategy that is inline with your social media strategy will mean that your ideal client will like the content as it is similar.

Key Points from this Blog

If you want to ensure your success in 2017 follow these tips:

– Pick the platforms that are performing
– Optimise your social media to rank high on searches
– Stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to try something new
– Have a plan to follow
– Leverage your Social Media to something you own (Email Marketing etc)

What was the main point you took away from this blog?

I would love to hear your thoughts!