Create More Freedom and Time in Your Business

Create More Freedom and Time in Your Business

Create more time and freedom in your business

Think about WHY you Started your Business

You probably wanted more freedom and time for the things you love. You wanted to be in charge. You wanted to have more time to spend with family and doing the things you love.

When it comes to running a business you want to be able to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Today, I want to share with you how I do this and how you can do it too.

But first, think about the time you’re wasting

It’s a lot, isn’t it! When you consider the 80/20 rule (i.e. 80% of what you’re doing doesn’t bring in income!) it’s easy to see how many hours you’re wasting each and every day.

So, what can you do about this?

The answer is: systems!

Systems are the only way to create freedom in a business. Yes, it will take time and effort to create them but it’s worth it!

How can systems help you in the long-run?

Once you have systems in place for each area of your business it’s easy show to others how to reach your standard if you ever need to take a step back.

Outsourcing the tasks that you are not the best at will free you up to do the more important activities in your business. In order words, there’s a step-by-step process for completing each and every task, so you and the people you work with will know exactly what to do.

However, before you decide to outsource, you need to create your systems!

Take a look at the systems I use in my business and see how you can implement them in yours.

1. Money

Take a look at your finances before you look at outsourcing. Will outsourcing allow you to bring in more clients and more money?

2. Content Repurposing

Having a system for your content is a fantastic way to get the most out of a particular piece of content all whilst saving time. Create a system for your content that your virtual assistant (or other freelancer) can easily follow. You can create it and then have your VA run with it. Their role can involve repurposing it into different forms. For example, with one piece of content you can create blogs, Facebook Lives, videos, tweets, and social media images.

Create a system for your content that your virtual assistant (or another freelancer) can easily follow. You can create it and then have your VA run with it. Their role can involve repurposing it into different forms. For example, with one piece of content you can create blogs, Facebook Lives, videos, tweets, and social media images.

Their role can involve repurposing it into different forms. For example, with one piece of content you can create blogs, Facebook Lives, videos, tweets, and social media images.

3. Sales and Marketing

Have a steady stream of leads coming in through your sales funnel. Do this by creating leads through ads, social media and more, and nurture them by creating great content, engagement and becoming their ‘go-to’ person.

4. Upsells and Cross-Sells

If some is already your customer, then they are more likely to buy from you again. This is something that can be automated through email marketing. If they like and trust your services or products, they’re going to want to come back to you again.

5. Retention

There’s no point in trying to get new clients if you can’t keep a hold on your current ones! How can you do this? Give them great customer service and ask for feedback! Try to provide as much value to them as possible and have a system in place for keeping the lines of communication open.

6. Reactivate

If a client has left you previously because of a change in circumstances, then they are the easiest way to get a sale. Reaching out to them will show them they are appreciated. They’ve worked with you before and will likely spend more than the average client!

7. Build and Engage your Audience

Build and nurture your platforms so you can expand your reach and scale your audience so you’re growing your business. Provide value to your audience so that you can position yourself as an expert. Remember, people will buy based on your reputation!

8. People

You should have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in your business so that your VAs will know what to refer to when they have to do a particular task.

9. Client Onboarding and Offboarding

Use systems and workflows to deliver what you promised to your clients. Follow the same process with each to ensure you cover everything that needs to be covered.

Give great customer service so they won’t want to leave you and if they do decide to leave try to find out why. This is probably something that you can work on further!

10. Get the Best out of Freelancers

Stop trying to do everything!

When you take on a freelancer determine what tasks you want them to do, offer proper training, provide and encourage regular updates and teach them your systems.

In Summary

Systems keep you consistent in your business and when you do something consistently people will start to notice.

Start developing those systems so you can create freedom and time in your business.

If you’re ready to systemise your business, take a look at my resources page for free downloads <<<

If you prefer to watch this as a video, you can watch it below.

Business Lessons from Tom Hanks in Big

Business Lessons from Tom Hanks in Big

Whilst on the plane to Cyprus to visit my husband Big was playing.

As I watched it I took note of some important business lessons which I thought were worth sharing with you.

For this of you that haven’t seen this film, I will need to tell you a quick overview.

Basically, after a wish turns 12-year-old Josh Baskin into a 30-year-old man (Tom Hanks), he heads to New York City and gets a low-level job at MacMillen Toy Company.


A chance encounter with the owner (Robert Loggia) of the company leads to a promotion testing new toys. Soon a fellow employee, Susan Lawrence (Elizabeth Perkins), takes a romantic interest in Josh.

Here are some interesting business lessons I picked up on and wanted to share with you.

Don’t care about what other people think

Embrace your weird and wonderful self. Josh goes to a work party dressed in a white Tuxedo and starts to eat the random foods on the buffet. He isn’t worried about what other people think, he tries some quinoa and proceeds to spit it out as it’s disgusting drawing some attention.


By not worrying about what other people think and being you, you will stand out for all the right reasons. There is no point being like everyone else if you want to make an impact and Josh certainly did that!

Not scared to try new things

This is one lesson that I think all adults, not just business folk should take heed of. Josh had never played squash before but he gave it his best. He’d never had a job before but he went for it as he needed to pay the bills.

Imagine if we approached new situations with a childlike curiosity and sense of adventure there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Don’t get stuck in your ways

When Josh gets promoted to work on toy development he literally questions everything. But why? He asked constantly, he just doesn’t get it.

Just because something has always been a certain way doesn’t mean it should be. By not accepted the norm he makes the toy even better!

Sees everything from a positive perspective

This is a great trait when you’re running your own business. Josh does this fabulously in the film when others are jealous or trying to make things difficult for him he sees the best in every situation.

By looking at things in a positive way when problems occur you can find solutions rather than complaining. This is business lesson 101, don’t moan about things or blame others, look at ways you can fix the issue and take it as a learning curve.

Carpe Diem


Seizing the day with passion and excitement will mean you’re not talking about things you actually take action and enjoy the process.

I love it when Josh is in the limousine and opens the sunroof and literally has the time of his life. Why do we think it’s just kids that need to have fun?

Make sure you let yourself have fun, life is too short not to laugh everyday. When Josh and the owner (old man) play chopsticks on the floor keyboard it builds a relationship with someone you never thought he would. This business lesson is crucial, you can make the best business relationships in the strangest of places with people you didn’t expect to.

Not afraid to say or do what need to be done

Business Lessons from Tom Hanks in Big

20th Century Fox / HBO

Imagine getting a job at 12 years old? I mean like a proper job and not a paper round. That must have been so scary but he did it anyway.

When he has a date with his work colleague she gets mustard on her face and he tells her. Not everyone would do that. People overthink things too much. I know tons of times I’ve had spinach in my teeth and no-one was grave enough to tell me!

He values Loyalty


Remember the fierce loyalty we had towards our friends when we were younger. We literally live for our friends when we are younger. Why does that change?

Josh and his best friend would do anything for each other. Josh loses sight of this temporally but soon sorts it out when his BFF calls him out on it.

If you treat people on business like you’d like to be treated and you’ll go far. You are not in the business or making money, you’re in the business in helping people which is a powerful business lesson.

Dream the Impossible

As a 12-year-old you know it’s pretty impossible to turn into a grownup overnight right? But Josh wished for it and it happened.

Dream big and you will be surprised what you can be achieved. If. You set the bar low and hit it is that better than setting it really high and coming short?

I know what I would rather go for!

Doesn’t mind being a Beginner

One of Josh’s colleagues that wants to take him down asks him to play squash. Josh has never played it but that doesn’t stop him trying his best.

He plays against someone that has been playing for a long time, instead of admitting defeat he gives it is all and learns the rules pretty quickly.

In business there will always be people that are more experienced than you, however, you can take it as an opportunity to learn or to bitch. Which will get you further?

Doesn’t cheat

When playing squash the balls goes out of play but the other plays didn’t admit it. He wants to win by any means necessary, even if that means cheating. Josh calls him out on it. Then they end up in a childish fight which is quite amusing.

In business, it doesn’t matter how much you make. It matters how you make it. You don’t want to cheat people to win. Having integrity is not something you can teach.

Telling the trust is important as people will see through your fake scarcity and pretend price hikes in a heartbeat. Be authentic!

He listens

Business Lessons from Tom Hanks in Big

Phactual 20th Century Fox

Josh starts seeing his co-worker and they get talking and he listens to her and genuinely cares. He sees the good in her and doesn’t put her down like her last partner.

By listening he can read people better and in turn knows he has to end it with her. It’s not fair to her or him.

As a business owner if you listen you are much more likely to win. No one cares what you have to say until they know you CARE. Show. Your customers you care and you value their feedback.

In closing

There are other parables in this movie with running a business. Some of them may be a little tenuous but they are worth taking note of.

Who you are as a person reflects in your business.

Who do you think will be remembered?

Or more importantly, do you want to be remembered for good or bad reasons?

Have you seen Big do you think these lessons are important in business?

What is your main takeaway from this blog?

Check out my free resources to help you get more sh*t done >>




Habits Every Business Owner Needs to be Successful

Habits Every Business Owner Needs to be Successful

Habits Every Business Owner Needs to Be Successful

Do you think there are successful habits which can help business owners achieve more in a shorter space of time?

We all know who is successful in our circles right? Do you know what they all have in common?

I have been doing a little research and I thought it would be handy to share with you what I found out.

Success leaves clues you see, there are common habits that successful people repeat daily.

If we create habits that make others successful surely it will mean we have a better chance of being successful.

Let’s go through some common habits and traits I have noticed.

They are Selfish with Their Time

This might make them sound back but really it isn’t. Time is the most precious commodity we have. They don’t waste it and they don’t make themselves too easily accessible.

Firstly imagine they were accessible to everyone constantly they would soon burn out, right?

They have spent years honing their skills and creating their empire and work with the best clients. It is those people that will get their undivided attention rather than the free loaders that won’t implement what they are told anyway!

Now I am not saying that you should not give, however you give in a way that works for you and means you can help many people at one.

They Take Care of Themselves

Take care of you

You have to secure your own face mask first. I was told this my Dan Meredith and it has always stuck with me. Plus I did find my husbands gas mask and shared a quite scary picture of me wearing it to make a point!

He explained that you have to take care of you first in order to take care of others. That is why they say on an aeroplane to secure your gas mask first and then help others.

Also if you cannot take care of yourself how can you be expected to take care of others? By putting others first you are not being selfless you are bein silly!

If someone else expects you to put their needs before your own this is not a person you want to be spending time with. Believe me I know. Unless it’s your child, as they are totally demanding and do come first.

The Don’t Just Read They Implement

Have you heard the saying ‘Data for Lata’, the first time I heard this was from the video guru James Lavers who basically told us that there is no point learning sh*t if you are not going to implement it.

I know so many people that make tonnes of notes (me included) from webinars, conferences and networking events and then forget about them forever….

What a waste of time that is!

If it was important enough for you to write down, it must be something you thought was worth implementing.

So do it!

That is why it’s a good tip to clear your diary for 1-2 days following an event, that way whilst it is fresh in your mind you can implement it and get ahead of the pack and don’t save the ‘data for lata’!

They are NOT a Martyr

No matter how skilled, talented or clever you are. You cannot do it all.

They know in order to serve their clients better they need help. They don’t pretend that they are the best at EVERYTHING!

It takes time to build a team, but the sooner you take someone on to help you the more you will be able to give.

There are so many tasks that are involved in running a business, and I bet you there are a fair few of them you hate and make you bat sh*t crazy!

Mine is accounting, I used to force myself to do this and I would keep putting it off until it grew into this massive monster and I procrastinated so much that I would rather do housework that do it! So this was the first thing I outsourced.

I now have a team of 3 VAs that all have their own specialities and things they enjoy to do. So that means they do more of that work, it also means that in the case of sickness or holidays there is someone else to step in.

They Show Up Daily

This is a big deal. They turn up and deliver to their clients every damn day. They do it when they feel good or when they feel inspired, they do it daily. It is a habit for them to do the work and deliver to their audience.

If you base your business and deliver to your clients when you feel good you will not be in business long.

Running a business is hard work and the more you build it the more work you have, it’s a catch 22. You want to be busy but you want to have a life too. It is a difficult task to find that balance but it is totally doable.

Whether you have 3 key tasks you complete no matter what and spend some time doing stuff you like. As long as that works for you and your customers are happy then by all means go for it.

What key tasks do you do everyday? I’d love to know!

They Collaborate With Other Influencers

Collaborate with Influencers

You will notice then successful people keep good company. They know who is respected and is doing well. They don’t pretend that they are better than others, they collaborate with other people that have other skills to create an awesome product or service to their audience.

They also know that in order to be given a helping hand from an entrepreneur you FIRST have to give. Also you must give with NO expectation. These people have been around the block, they have lost sleep, invested in themselves and had those days when they want to throw in the towel – so you have to respect that.

Is there someone you would like to work with? Comment below you never know, someone might be able to make it happen for you!

Success is a Habit

So in essence it is your daily habits which create your success. We are what we repeatedly do – Aristotle.

By being addicted to the action of DOING the work it will mean than you are not relying on the outcome to spur you on.

For example, if you know you need to reach out to 10 people daily, but you only feel spurred on if you convert all of them – you will soon be very disappointed and you will not get very far.

However if you make it your goal to speak to 10 people daily REGARDLESS of the outcome, you will soon get results.

One thing I have learned is that perseverance pays off. Many business owners give up too soon and don’t follow up. It can take up to 9 attempts to convert someone to a client and if you give up after 2 attempts you reduce your chances of getting new clients.

Did you find this blog helpful?

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you think that there are other habits which are useful to our success.

Here are some helpful resources if you want to become more productive >>




Why Being Productively Lazy Gets More Sh*t Done

Why Being Productively Lazy Gets More Sh*t Done

Why Being Productively Lazy Gets More Sh*t Done

Sounds strange right?

Being lazy isn’t going to make me more productive…

But think about it, if you find the quickest most efficient way to do every task in your business; that will mean you will get more done in less time.

Sounds too good to be true I know.

This morning I was on a deadline to get to the garage. I had to leave the house at 10am. Usually, I would do my main 3 tasks by 11am but I know had an hour to do them.

Do you think I managed it?

You bet your ass I did!

By being 100% focused on the task hand and not taking my time I got everything done that I needed to.

Does that mean usually I am lazy? No. However usually if you allocate yourself 2 hours to do something you will take 2 hours, if you allocate 1 it will take 1 and I just proved it!

Create Your Best Process

For every task I do, I know the outcome and the exact steps needed to complete it. When I am forced to do this quicker I ensure that I do not do anything that is unnecessary or will hold me back.

Small things like having everything I need to complete said task to hand, my checklist to ensure I don’t miss anything when doing it quickly. If it’s good enough for doctors and pilots its good enough for me. You see checklists reduce mistakes check out the book The Checklist and how it is used to save people’s lives. I use it to save time but it’s the same principle.

Get Super Specific

More often than not we put off a task as we are dreading it and do not know exactly what is needed. Another factor can be that it is a big task and it overwhelms you.

The best way to overcome this is to get super specific and break it down. This makes your life easier and means you get some small wins in.

Imagine you have to set up a whole website and you literally have no idea where to start. By breaking down the tasks into smaller manageable tasks you will be able to get started pretty much straight away.

Start with the outcome and reverse engineer the process. When your website is completed and you are 100% happy, what steps would have been made to get you there?

  • Choose what provide you are going to use WordPress, Wix etc
  • Buy the domain name
  • Add the theme
  • Get Logo created
  • Set up the hosting
  • Add relevant pages
  • Add relevant plug-ins
  • Create a bank of images of other websites that your client likes
  • Have professional images taken
  • Have a copywriter create your sales page
  • Have your About Page done
  • List your Services
  • Have a FAQ page
  • Create your Lead Generator
  • Lead Generator Set Up
  • Pick your email marketing provider (Aweber, Active Campaign etc)
  • Website linked to Autoresponder
  • Upload 5 blogs

You get the idea!!

The great thing about doing this is you only have to do it one and you can rinse and repeat in the future.

Outsource Baby

Feeling overworked and burnt out but still want to serve your clients. Outsource what you can and you will be able to get even more done in less time. People often do not like to outsource work that they have been asked to do. I don’t see a problem with it AS LONG as the person you outsource too follows your systems and procedures.

It’s as if you did the work then, it is also your responsibility to ensure each task is completed to your standards. It will be a learning curve to start with but give feedback to your outsourcer so that they can learn from it.

Sometimes it might mean that the work is actually done better. I am not great at video editing, I can do it buts it’s a total ball ache for me. One of my clients is a Facebook Live machine and has loads of great content to share, so I have outsourced this process to someone that can do it quicker and better than I can.

Win win! The clients get’s their work done to a great standard and I can concentrate on what I am good at.

Workout your Work!

Have you heard of HIIT which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training to get the best out of a workout in the quickest possible time? It means you do focused bursts of exercise to a high intensity but not for too long.

I have used this approach with work for some time. It means that I do a lot more focused work and have regular breaks. When I force myself to work to a timer I remain disciplined to keep to the task at hand and I know there is a break just around the corner. I work flat out for 25 minutes and take a 4 minute break which I used to make a coffee, put the washing on or even just sit in silence.

Working all day till the late hours doesn’t make you any more productive in fact you probably get less done. When our brains are tired and we have been working on something for a long period of time we tend to make mistakes or get side tracked.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Stop Multitasking Forever

It used to be a big positive to be able to multitask and spin many plates without getting stressed. I used to put it on my CV as a massive pro but it really is so bad.

When we multitask and switch between tasks SFA gets done. Have you ever tried to catch two rabbits at once? You’re much better off getting one and then the other right?

When you switch between tasks it takes about 20 minutes to get back into your rhythm. Imagine you have 3-4 tasks on the go at once!

By doing many tasks at the same time you are busy all day and don’t achieve anything. So concentrate on completing one brain powered task at a time. That way you will actually achieve something and you will get it done quicker than if you were trying to complete 3 things at once.

There are certain multitasks you can do which are productive. They have to be different types of tasks, so you group passive tasks with lower brain powered tasks.

Here are some examples:

  • Housework and listening to audible
  • Cooking and talking to clients
  • Driving and listening to audible or talking to clients
  • Going for a walk and catching up with clients or audible
  • Completing your Duolingo while on the loo!

These are great ways to get more done and not compromise on productivity.

Take a FULL Day Off

Now I have not always followed this as I was always tempted to just log on quickly…

However, I found that taking one full day off per week works wonders. I chose Saturday, it’s perfect as I can spend the day with my daughter and enjoy the fruits of my hard work all week.

By taking the day off I also feel refreshed and it also makes me excited to get back to work on Sunday. Now Sunday is my planning day and I take a half day so I can get organised for the following week. I plan meals, batch cook, iron school uniform etc which actually makes me more productive the following week. It is said for every minute you spend planning you save 10 minutes in implementation!

So by spending just 10 minutes planning my week, I save 100 minutes in execution!

How about those apples?!

In Closing

I have highlighted a few how being lazy or shall we say more effective can boost your productivity.

Do you agree?

Do you use any of these techniques already or would you like to start one of them?

Perhaps you have a productivity hack that you would like to share with us?

Comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.





Blogging Is Easy with My 5 Step System

Blogging Is Easy with My 5 Step System

Blogging is a crucial part of your business and the biggest obstacle is usually lack of planning which can lead to ostrich syndrome (aka procrastination).

So if you want to become a regular blogger with minimal stress this 5 step system will make is super simple.

1. Content Ideas

Having lots of ideas to choose from is essential and the first step in our 5 step blogging system.

To get you started, put your timer on your phone and write down as many subjects that your clients ask you about or would be interested in. Keep going until the time goes off. Do it now!

How did you get on? 5, 10, 15 maybe even 20 titles? If you post a blog per week that is at least a few months worth!

Think of FAQs use messages/emails people have asked you can check Facebook groups where your ideal clients are asking questions.

If you are struggling to come up with content creation you can find out more here >>

2. Schedule

You need to decide how often you will be blogging. You can then schedule the content in so you know ahead of time what you will be writing about in advance.

There are several ways you can schedule your content. You can use a diary, a piece of paper, a tool like Trello, a spreadsheet or even your Google calendar.

However, you decide to schedule your content you have to be consistent! This is the only way that systems work, you have to implement them otherwise you won’t be able to rely on it.

3. Research

This makes blogging a piece of cake. If you do your due diligence to research each subject your brain will be jam packed with content for you to share.

You can do this the week before you blog over a few days or you can do the day before you are due to write if you prefer. It depends on the content and whether you need to go more in detail and how good your memory is!

Remember the subjects you are writing about will be within your expertise you are just looking to get a few key points together and give your blog some structure.

I tend to write down the key points which tend to be the subtitles, any relevant statistics or quotes (with reference) and graphic ideas so I can easily get cracking when it’s time to write.

4. Write It

The final step is the hardest one but we have made it as easy as possible by having all of the relevant information to hand.

You will have already researched the blogs content so now you just need to get cracking.

Write your introduction so that the reader knows what you are talking about and what the blog will achieve. Then you break it down making it easily readable, that’s why the key points are so important.

People tend to scan read so by having subtitles people can get the gist of your content and using images that are relevant will help you to engage your audience.

Discuss each the key points in turn and then conclude with a roundup of the blog so that they know the key takeaway points.

5. Perfect It

I suggest doing this at least the day after you wrote the content. If you try to edit it too soon after writing it you will read what you want to rather than what is actually there.

It makes your job easier to edit as you haven’t just written it and you will more likely catch grammatical errors and typos.

A few tips would be to read the blog aloud as you will notice how it will be read by the viewer. Changing the font size also helps engage your brain more so that you don’t scan read it. You can use a tool called Grammarly to help catch any errors.

Add in images and refer to other relevant blogs which your reader may find useful. Once you have perfected the blog and are confident that the blog is finished hit publish and share it to your network.

Key Takeaway Points

Having a content bank full of ideas means you will never have writer’s block and will always have some inspiration.

By scheduling the blogs in you will plan your week accordingly to ensure you have enough time to research, write and edit it.

By researching your topic it will be fresh in your mind and you will be able to find supporting content for your opinions and ideas.

Writing it is probably the hardest part but by following this 5 step system you will find it much easier.

Perfecting the blog at a different time to writing it and planning your time effectively will ensure that your readers get a high-quality blog rather something rushed and thrown together at the last minute.

Why not watch my quick video below which covers my Blogging System